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Family Crested Stained Glass To Represent Your Proud Family Heritage

Custom Stained Glass Family Crests For Your Fort Worth Home

When it comes to stained glass there are so many more styles than people realize outside of the traditional church style designs. There are even more styles than the popular home floral or geometric designs people are familiar with for homes too. Not only are there a myriad of types of stained glass window designs out there–stained glass is incredibly customizable too–so you can have a design all your own. One of these less known but simply amazing styles of stained glass is family crest stained glass. These lovely family heirlooms can be custom created to fit your family sigil and/ or badge and we can even add the crest’s motto or slogan. Whatever you want to represent your proud family history, can be easily created here at our Fort Worth Stained Glass studios.

How Are Stained Glass Crest’s Created And What Do They Look LIke?

As stated above, each family crest is individually crafted, right here, in-house at Fort Worth Stained Glass. The most common shape of family crests are octagonal but, of course, the shape is totally up to you and your family. Since or stained glass crests are create by hand and very durable, they will become an heirloom of your family, lasting for generations to come! But, should you want to move your crest to a new or different home, they also come with a lifetime transferable warranty so these can be passed on from generation to generation. If properly maintained these works will last 80-100 years before needing repair!

Can I Give a Stained Glass Family Crest As A Gift?

Absolutely and what a lovely gift they make! A piece of family crest stained glass can be made as either a window or a hanging panel. The best part about giving the gift of family crest stained glass is it is really a gift for the whole family to celebrate and enjoy, These crests embody the proud heritage linked to your family and are always stunners. We have done crests for schools, fraternal organizations, and similar organizations, so this is a ubiquitous gift for those who are hard to buy for.

Watch this video for more on the lovely craft of stained glass:

For more information on our custom stained glass creation or to talk to someone about a family crest for your Fort Worth home, contact us today!

Cathedral Stained Glass Restoration: Exploring Your Options in Fort Worth

Did you know that stained glass requires restoration around the 75 year to 100 year mark? This is the age period when stained glass begins to deteriorate beyond irreversible repair. It’s important to observe your stained glass and look out for signs of deterioration in order to begin proper restoration so that generations to come can enjoy your beautiful stained glass. Exploring your options in Fort Worth for cathedral stained glass restoration is imperative to prolonging your stained glass’ life.
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How To Spot Stained Glass Damage On Your Fort Worth Home’s Stained Glass

How To Spot Damage In Your Fort Worth Home’s Stained Glass Windows

In Fort Worth and across the country, the 100-year mark for much of the stained glass is nearing. This is about the time that stained glass, barring any problems due to accidental breakage or shoddy craftsmanship, will need repair or restoration. If you own an older home in Fort Worth area and you have stained glass windows, it may be time to have your glass restored by a professional. However, just because your stained glass is old, does not necessarily mean it needs to be restored but it does mean you should take a closer look at it and see if the telltale signs of needing restoration are present. Below are some signs to look for on the stained glass windows in your Fort Worth home to tell if it may be in need or repair or just a good cleaning.

Look For Deterioration On Your Stained Glass

What most people don’t realize is that stained glass is pretty durable material and relatively immune to natural deterioration from normal aging. American glass is exceptionally stable because of the composition of the glass but this does not mean the glass cannot be damaged over time or be tarnished by natural elements. Some very apparent signs the stained glass in your home needs repair are scratches, chips, and abrasions–which also reduce clarity. Also, chemical agents and smog also build up on your glass–making it look old and dingy over time–if you glass looks cloudy, this is probably why. Other signs of deterioration are things like tiny cracks or chips. Of course, broken panels are a pretty clear sign of deterioration need to be dealt with promptly because they can lead to the break down of the entire structure. If your stained glass has broken glass or missing panels, it is absolutely time to have it restored, because more damage is right around the corner

Look For Structural Deterioration On Your Stained Glass

The most common way leaded stained glass breaks down, requiring it to be repaired, is through the skeletal structure that holds the glass in place. This is when the frame itself or the leaded caming holding the pieces of glass together is rotting, deteriorating or sagging. When frames are approaching total failure they look bent or saggy, meaning you need to fix it right away lest it collapse. When caming starts to fail, you will see missing, bent or broken pieces and likely cracking on the glass near or connected to the frame. This type of damage absolutely needs to be taken care of right away because the stained glass in this condition could easily fall out from simple a strong wind or vibration.

Look For Signs Your Stained Glass Is Dirt Or Needs Cleaning

Even though stained glass typically needs repairs about ever 100 years sometimes very old stained glass, is perfectly fine and just needs a deep and thorough cleaning by a professional. Luckily this is a relatively inexpensive procedure and which will take it back to its original shine. The reason stained glass gets so dirty is environmental; soot and grime build up on both sides of the glass from pollution, smoke, and oxidation. The reason it is critical to have a professional stained glass company clean your glass is because aggressive cleaning with the wrong chemicals will cause damage which could permanently affect the glass’s transparency or shine. Regular cleaning is also necessary to avoid build-up of chemicals or air pollutants which could lead to long-term damage as well.

See more about stained glass repair and cleaning in the video below:

Contact us at Fort Worth Stained Glass to have your stained glass inspected by a true professional today!

Add beautiful and functional custom art work to your Fort Worth Home, Church, or Business with Scottish Stained Glass

San Antonio is a city rich with history, an attribute which is reflected in its architecture. There are many churches, homes, and buildings in San Antonio that are over 100 years old and a great number are adorned with stained glass windows. At San Antonio Stained Glass, we are proud to be part of the tradition of preserving this ancient form of art and work with business owners, religious institutions, and homeowners all throughout the city to provide them with unique and compelling stained glass designs. Our team of artisans, engineeers, and glassmakers have the talent and skill to create a wide range of stained glass styles, from traditional looks like art deco to more contemporary styles like clear glass with custom bevel clutsters or Celtic knot designs.

We serve the entire city of San Antonio, including the Dowtown San Antonio area, Midtown, Alamo Heights, Southtown, and the surrounding area. No matter where you're located, we're always willing to come to you. When you work with us, you'll be provided with a free onsite consultation with one of our most talented designers. We pride ourselves in being attentive to our customers' needs. We accomplish this by listening carefully and staying in constant communication throughout each project. It's our goal to create something beautiful and unique that you feel proud to show off in your home or building.

Whether you're looking for a new stained glass window for your home or need restoration or repairs for the vintage or antique stained glass in your church, we can provide you with the expertise and services you need. Our stained glass windows make a stunning addition to any building, and are also very practical due to their ability to filter light and add privacy. We invite you to experience the joy that stained glass can bring to your life by contacting our studio today!