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A Guide To Stained Glass Appraisal For Your Fort Worth Home

How Stained Glass Appraised?

At Fort Worth Stained Glass we often blog about how stained glass windows add value to homes right here in the Fort Worth or anywhere in the country for that matter. And today we would like to point of that getting an appraisal is the best way to estimate that value. Now, you may be thinking “Aren’t appraisals only something for galleries or auctions?” but in actuality, appraisals are relevant, accessible and something you may want to consider for insurance policies or to help with an estimate for the sale of a home. Regardless of whether you are talking about an antique stained glass window, a stained glass window built in the last twenty years or a church stained glass window an appraisal is something to consider and we have listed some of the basics about appraisals below.

Who Can Appraise My Fort Worth Stained Glass Window?

As we mentioned stained glass appraisals are extremely accessible–especially with such widespread access to appraisers through the internet. In fact, regardless of location: church, synagogue or home, your stained glass window can be appraised by a professional from the American Consultation of Stained Glass, online at

What Do Stained Glass Window Appraisers Look For?

Appraisers look for many different features when determining how much stained glass windows are worth. Below are some of the key things that can increase or decrease the value of your stained glass.

Stained Glass Design: Whether or not the pieces are painted/fired with stencil designs or are they straight colored glass. Did the artist use straight lines or varied lines? More often than not, varied lines involved more time and effort to cut the glass, therefore adding value.

Stained Glass Construction Techniques: An appraiser will count the layers used–most glass has around 1-4. Look for custom painting design involved as opposed to just simple leadlines and no design. See if there any medallions, figures or symbols used in the design. *Note: Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to stained glass elements–smaller stained glass pieces used in a window compared to larger pieces, that automatically increases the value.
Stained Glass Artist: Appraisers will consider who made the glass, also, when and where. This reason for this is because, just like with high-end art, certain names command more respect and money in the stained glass world.
Stained glass Age: Age is also a factor. Typically older the windows are worth more as they is harder to replace. The rarer something is, the higher price it will always command.
Stained Glass Condition: Finally, appraisers will look at the current condition of the glass to see how good (or bad) it is, as well finds out if it has a protective coating.

As with most things, there are plenty of factors that go into determining the value of stained glass windows. What’s more, estimates will even vary from appraiser to appraiser. If you have any questions on stained glass appraisals or are thinking about adding a stained glass masterpiece to your Fort Worth home or church, contact Fort Worth Stained Glass today!

Bedroom Leaded Glass Provides Privacy without Sacrificing Natural Light in Your Fort Worth Bedroom

Have you ever considered the idea of adding leaded glass to your Fort Worth? Leaded glass can provide privacy for the bedrooms and guest rooms of your home without sacrificing natural light. Unlike like traditional window coverings like blinds or curtains that block out the sun, leaded glass allows light to pass through your windows and keeps your bedroom looking bright and beautiful.

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Can I Clean The Stained Glass On My Fort Worth Home Myself?

Does Your Stained Glass Need Cleaning?

Now is the time of the DIY revolution. These days it seems like almost anything can be done at home if you have a little bit of time, a small budget and Google to guide you. Stained glass cleaning is no different. There are A TON of articles out there about how to clean your stained glass yourself, some good and some not so much. Whether or not you should clean your own stained glass really comes down to what exactly needs to be done and whether or not doing it yourself is good for your health and the health of your stained glass. Read below to find out when to clean your stained glass yourself and when to hire a professional.

When And How To Clean Stained Glass Yourself

Stained glass is a fairly durable material but one should always exercise caution when touching it or cleaning it in any fashion. If all your stained glass needs is some dust removed, by all means, use a duster and lightly sweep away cobwebs and other dust. If it looks as though your stained glass needs a bit more care, you can use standard dish soap and water to get rid of light grime. Make sure you are in a secure position so you don’t fall into the glass and gently rub each pane of glass from the inside out with an up and out motion. BE CAREFUL and never scrub the glass. Once it is clean you probably want to go back through with a wet soapless clothe to “rinse” any soap residue off the glass.

When Not To Clean Your Stained Glass Yourself

As we mentioned stained glass can hold up pretty well but caution is key to a long stained glass life. The best idea for stained glass cleaning is really to just call a professional like Fort Worth Stained Glass but you absolutely need to if:

-Your stained glass is more than 50 years old
-Your stained glass shows any signs of sagging, cracks, gaps or other disrepair
-Your stained glass does not come clean with soap and water. *Remember, the chemicals it takes to get rid of extremely tarnished stained glass can be very harmful to you or your family
-Your stained glass is up high or in a hard to reach area
-Your stained glass is visibly very tarnished–soap and water simply won’t work on layers of caked on grime

If you are ready to get your stained glass looking good but don’t want to deal with the intricacies of cleaning it yourself, remember, there are experts to do it for you and a simple cleaning is much less expensive than an extensive repair should you damage your stained glass doing it yourself. Contact Fort Worth Stained Glass today for a free stained glass cleaning estimate!

Add beautiful and functional custom art work to your San Antonio Home with Scottish Stained Glass

In many of San Antionio's suburbs there are sidelights, bathroom, and hallway windows that let natural light to flow into your home. However with this natural light comes the ability for people to stare through your windows. Someone at your front door can see if you are home and your bathroom windows often face your neighbors. Scottish Stained Glass offers your an ideal solution, allowing your to add custom designed stained glass to your San Antonio home. Our solutions offer privacy and elegance, withouth blocking the natural light. The premier residential stained glass provider in the country, Scottish Stained Glass now operates locally in San Antonio. We come to your home or office, get a feel for your design taste and your project needs, and then design a beautiful piece of custom art work that works perfectly in your space.
We can also repair and restore older windows, bringing them back to their previous brilliance. Our specialities include restoring the art nouveau, prarie, frank llyod wright, and victorian stained glass that is often placed prominantly in older home. Whether you are looking for new or restored stained glass, you've found the right company. We live and breath stained glass and would love the opportunity to help with your project. Please contact us today!