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The Best Styles Of Stained Glass For Entryways

When it comes to stained glass–nothing beats the look of an entryway chocked full of it.  It is incredibly lovely and lets in just the right amount of light. Plus you can choose to have full or partial privacy looking out from your Fort Worth home.  While you may understand how valuable stained glass in the entryway of your home–what you may still not quite know is–what style of stained glass to get there.  The great thing is stained glass comes in so very many styles that you are sure to find something right for your Fort worth house. And happily, many stained glass designs go with many different types of homes.  Read below to find a fit for your home!

Top 3 Styles of Stained Glass For Entryways

  1. Beveled And Textured Stained Glass: Made by taking a thick clear glass and cutting it into different shapes with angles–beveled stained glass is simply stunning in an entryway.  Add to this the elegant look of textured stained glass that can vary in opacity and you have the right combination for the sidelight of your Fort Worth home. You get exactly the privacy level you need to protect those inside your home from unwanted protection.  Plus, the way the light shines through creates incredible prisms to fill your entryway with dancing light.
  2. Art Deco Stained Glass:  There is a resurgence of geometric art in the country right now and you can see it here in Fort Worth too.  Which is why Art Deco stained glass, that is filled with straight lines and mirror images–is perfect for any home–freshly built or vintage.  The patterns of yesterday are in again and look stunning matched with most style homes from craftsman to contemporary. Also, this type of glass is well sought after and likely to boost your resale value when you sell.
  3. Antique Style Stained Glass:  For those older homes that are hard to fit with any old stained glass patterns– antique style stained glass is the key.  We reproduce all types of antique styles and designs and have been doing so for over 25 years. Some notable antique styles are Craftsman, Greene and Green and Victorian-style stained glass–all very attractive and just right for vintage homes that want to keep that original feel.

 For more information about any style of stained glass–reach out to us here at Fort Worth Stained Glass to schedule a free design consult today!


Modern Stained Glass Design for Fort Worth Home’s Entryways

Entryways are one of the first impressions that any guest has of your home, making it important to really focus on aesthetics, design, and function. When guests, visitors, and homeowners enter their home, every little detail can really create that incredible, welcoming energy. For homeowners with a more contemporary sense of style, stained glass may be the last thing on their mind for investing in their home’s entryway. Modern stained glass offers wonderful benefits and can actually really complement the look of your existing decor.

The Benefits of Modern Stained Glass Design for Fort Worth Entryways

Modern stained glass design can utilize the incredible diversity that stained glass materials have to offer. From elegant leaded glass with pops of visual interest and color to vibrant stained glass art, anything is possible. Entryways should feel open and airy in order to make the area more welcoming. Many entryways throughout Fort Worth have a lot of windows, transoms, entryway door glass, and sidelights. These serve to bring more light into your home but can compromise your family’s privacy. Stained glass offers a great privacy solution that blocks unwanted views into your property without sacrificing that beautiful sunlight. Modern stained glass can complement your contemporary architecture, taking your home to the next level.

Work with Fort Worth’s Preferred Modern Stained Glass Studio

Fort Worth Stained Glass is honored to be the preferred modern stained glass studio in the Texas area. We love creating contemporary designs that complement your home and sense of style. We’ve created countless modern designs and would love to sit down to work with you on yours. Whether you need some inspiration or have ideas of your own, we’re here to bring your design to fruition.

For more information regarding modern stained glass for your Fort Worth home, please contact us!

What Are The Different Types of Stained Glass?

You may not realize it but all stained glass windows are not created the same. In fact, there are copious techniques and styles, just within the one genre of stained glass. And, each technique used to create the stained glass for your Fort Worth home or church depends on which ones the artist you go to favors. But, most stained glass studios, like Fort Worth Stained Glass, are familiar with multiple techniques, so if you have a particular style you love they should be able to accommodate. Just be sure to take in photos or email them links to the looks you love so the artist can visualize the inspiration. Here at Fort Worth Stained Glass in Fort Worth, we have over 25 years of experience creating and recreating stained glass of nearly every style and most techniques. This means we can create exactly the stained glass piece you have in mind. Read below are just a few of our favorite ways to create the masterpieces we have a reputation for.

5 Incredible Stained Glass Techniques

  1. Bevels Stained Glass: A very popular style of stained glass because of the abundance of rich prismatic natural light these windows let in. It is the bevels of angled glass on every side that make the lovely refractions. These levels are created by grinding and polished on the topside edges of clear glass.
  2. Opalescent Stained Glass: First created by John Lafarge in 1879, opalescent glass was most notably used and perfected by the Tiffany stained glass studio. This glass is milky in appearance and involves two colors swirled together. Since no two pieces of glass are the same, this type of glass technique makes for one-of-a-kind creations.
  3. Leaded Stained Glass: This is one of the most traditional stained glass styles. Leaded glass makes up most of the finest and well known stained glass pieces of all time. It is called “leaded’ because the glass pieces are separated/connected by a line of lead caming.  
  4. Color-Blocked Stained Glass: Color-blocked stained glass is a fantastic minimalist approach to stained glass design. Artists in this style use blocks of color to create lovely patterns with bold and bright hues. Color-blocked designs are beautiful and also very versatile since they can appear modern or vintage. 
  5. Painted Stained Glass: This type of glass is lovely because it creates such depth on glass. It is also very durable because the shading color is painted on to glass pieces and then fired in a kiln. Once these artfully shaded pieces come together on a stained glass piece great detail can be achieved including human faces, animals, flora and more.

If any of these types of stained glass styles/techniques are something you would like for your Fort Worth home or church, contact us at Fort Worth Stained Glass to get more info. We would be happy to work with you on a stained glass masterpiece all your own! Also, we do repairs and restorations too!


Add beautiful and functional custom art work to your Fort Worth Home, Church, or Business with Scottish Stained Glass

San Antonio is a city rich with history, an attribute which is reflected in its architecture. There are many churches, homes, and buildings in San Antonio that are over 100 years old and a great number are adorned with stained glass windows. At San Antonio Stained Glass, we are proud to be part of the tradition of preserving this ancient form of art and work with business owners, religious institutions, and homeowners all throughout the city to provide them with unique and compelling stained glass designs. Our team of artisans, engineeers, and glassmakers have the talent and skill to create a wide range of stained glass styles, from traditional looks like art deco to more contemporary styles like clear glass with custom bevel clutsters or Celtic knot designs.

We serve the entire city of San Antonio, including the Dowtown San Antonio area, Midtown, Alamo Heights, Southtown, and the surrounding area. No matter where you're located, we're always willing to come to you. When you work with us, you'll be provided with a free onsite consultation with one of our most talented designers. We pride ourselves in being attentive to our customers' needs. We accomplish this by listening carefully and staying in constant communication throughout each project. It's our goal to create something beautiful and unique that you feel proud to show off in your home or building.

Whether you're looking for a new stained glass window for your home or need restoration or repairs for the vintage or antique stained glass in your church, we can provide you with the expertise and services you need. Our stained glass windows make a stunning addition to any building, and are also very practical due to their ability to filter light and add privacy. We invite you to experience the joy that stained glass can bring to your life by contacting our studio today!