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Beautiful Stained Glass Windows

Religious Stained Glass for Fort Worth Religious Sites

On 30, Sep 2016 | No Comments | In Beautiful Stained Glass Windows | By fwsgadmin

In reality, a church or temple is far more than a place of worship. Entire communities have been built around churches and people are largely dependent on them for various aspects of their life. Religious sites are places where people can come to make friends, strengthen their relationship with their God, and obtain religious guidance. They are places of learning and love.

Forth Worth is home to a wide array of churches, temples, and other holy sites due to its diverse religious population. Some of the most beautiful architecture and religious artwork in the world can be found at Texas churches. The religious artwork and religious stained glass in Fort Worth is not only stunning due to its colorful design and intricacy, but it also helps represent the identity and values of its churches and temples.

religious stained glass church fort worth

Religious Stained Glass from Our Fort Worth Stained Glass Artists

Fort Worth Stained Glass is committed to providing religious groups in Fort Worth with high quality, unique religious stained glass. Our Fort Worth artists are able to create any design of religious stained glass and enjoy creating art that speaks to the individual characteristics of the church and its members.

Crafting the Religious Stained Glass for the Fort Collins Colorado Temple

Our most recent religious stained glass project and one that we are most proud of is the construction of stained glass windows, doors, transoms, and sidelights for the Fort Collins Colorado LDS Temple. This project took approximately two years to complete but in the end was entirely worth all the hard effort and work that went into it.

fort worth religious stained glass art

Constructing the stained glass for the Temple started with drafting several series of designs, a process which took approximately 6 months. The next 18 months were spent on manufacturing and installing the glass. In the end, we installed a total of 50,000 individual glass pieces completely on time and per budget. This included about 300 complete stained glass pieces, all custom designed to fit the exact needs of the church.

Challenges We Faced and How We Overcame Them

What made this project different than others we’ve completed in the past was the end goal we hoped to achieve. Our clients had absolute perfection in mind and wanted to make sure that the stained glass was a reflection of the holiness and purity of the church. We too were determined to make these glass pieces especially unique and therefore readily rose to the challenge before us.

religious stained glass transom fort worth

We worked side by side with members of the church, the construction company, and other general contractors to create the perfect end product. Because the Church could not find the exact color that they wanted after searching through over 10,000 glass colors, we specially designed a new color of green to create the design they wanted. We also created custom colored glass bevels, which is something that had never been done before. Each glass piece was also fit with Low-E safety glass to ensure for optimal energy efficiency and security.

Stained Glass to Last Thousands of Years

Once the manufacturing and installation of the stained glass was complete, we had one more challenge to face. This was a series of inspections that were to be carried out by the most thorough, scrutinous experts, including architects, designers, and the members of the Church themselves. After several rounds of inspection, not one single flaw was identified in our glasswork. We couldn’t have been happier and the Church felt the same way.

temple stained glass fort worth

When commenting on this project, our owner, Martin Faith, said, ““Due to the high quality of the construction, there’s no reason why a Temple like this shouldn’t be able to stand another thousand years.The stained glass will now be a part of the church history forever.”

A Religious Stained Glass Masterpiece for Your Church

Obtain a beautiful work of art to display in your building and establish the identity of your church, temple, mosque, or synagogue with religious stained glass from Forth Worth Stained Glass. We work with members of all religions and denominations. Call us today to get started on your project!