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Beautiful Ways to Use Leaded Glass in Your Fort Worth Home

Did you know that in addition to making custom stained glass windows, our company also makes leaded glass for Fort Worth homes? Leaded glass windows are slightly different than traditional stained glass because they use clear, colorless glass. This makes them slightly more versatile and easier to integrate into existing décor. Furthermore, if you prefer a more modern aesthetic, you may appreciate the look of leaded glass. Below, we’ve shared some ideas for incorporating leaded glass into your home.  Read more…

3 Breathtaking Hotels with Stained Glass in Texas

On 30, May 2022 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Commercial Stained Glass, Stained Glass | By Martin Faith

From adding color to hotel lobbies to creating a vibrant story throughout the visage, stained glass can dramatically affect any space. Below, we’ve shared some exciting examples of hotel stained glass in Texas Read more…

The Rising Church: Stained Glass Restoration Project

On 03, May 2022 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Stained Glass Repair And Restoration | By Martin Faith

We’re excited to announce the completion of our most recent church stained glass restoration project. The Rising Church was built in 1913 in Arvada, CO. This beloved community church is celebrated for its comprehensive homeless outreach. One evening, someone walking by had thought they heard people screaming inside of the church after hours. They decided to throw rocks through the stained glass windows to stop the commotion. Fortunately, there wasn’t anyone inside but as a result, most of the windows were damaged.

The Rising Church Stained Glass Restoration Process and Challenges

We removed and transported about 90% of their windows back to our studio for restoration. We carefully disassembled all of the pieces and replaced the damaged glass. By utilizing our inventory as well as our custom glass manufacturing partner, we were able to achieve a 100% color match to the original. All of the hand-painted pieces were kept in place by using a proprietary invisible glass mending technique. Our team replaced all of the lead and also had to resize the windows. That’s because many of the windows were missing their outer lead frames since they were removed to force the windows to fit. After resizing, we were able to successfully reinstall the windows. New vented polycarbonate exterior protective coverings were also installed alongside freshly painted exterior window frames. This added optimal structural integrity and enhanced the vibrancy from both the inside and outside.

Work With Fort Worth’s Trusted Church Stained Glass Restoration Studio

Fort Worth Stained Glass is honored to be the trusted church stained glass restoration studio serving the state of Texas and the nation. Our team is happy to help you through your next restoration project. We’re available for on-site comprehensive assessments and have all of the stained glass resources you need. For more information regarding church stained glass restoration, please contact us!



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Custom Stained Glass

By Martin Faith

Beautiful Ways To Incorporate Stained Glass into Weddings

On 06, Apr 2022 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Custom Stained Glass | By Martin Faith

While there may be no wedding season in sight yet, brides and grooms in Fort Worth are already getting ready for their big days. These occasions are a fantastic opportunity to reconnect with friends and relatives, as well as celebrate love and get some wonderful heirloom photographs. Stained glass is one of the most distinctive elements that can turn wedding and reception locations into works of art. Here are a few ideas on how stained glass may be utilized in weddings to create an impact.

Stained Glass Alter Backdrops for Fort Worth Weddings

A stained glass backdrop is one of the most effective methods to get lovely wedding pictures. You may always pick a church with stained glass for it to be visible in photographs. Even if you aren’t getting married in a church though, you can rent a stained glass backdrop or have a bespoke stained glass panel made that will stand in the background. Regardless of how you do it, your vows will look stunning with stained glass.

Stained Glass Panels for Memorable Moments

Some people rent photo booths for their weddings; others set up backdrops for group pictures and fun selfies. The addition of a stained glass panel to the equation is an excellent method to add elegance and uniqueness to these settings. One alternative is antique stained glass panels, which are really charming. You can also have something custom-made that will become a family heirloom after the event if you choose custom stained glass. You can include the colors of your wedding, names, wedding date, and more when creating your own bespoke stained glass!

Stained Glass Wedding Reception Signs in Fort Worth

We get a lot of requests for stained glass panels as signs for wedding reception rooms. These panels may be free-standing or ready to hang and are frequently used at the entry to the reception area to identify the wedding celebration area. These are some of the most distinctive and appealing ways to direct guests to your reception for your big day. These become family heirlooms, and they’re also something you can pass down to your children one day.

Contact us for pricing and ideas for more Fort Worth area wedding-related antique-style  or modern stained glass.



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Stained Glass

By Martin Faith

Unique Stained Glass Applications

On 04, Apr 2022 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Stained Glass | By Martin Faith

When you hear the term “stained glass,” the first thing that comes to mind is most likely a church window. However, there are several different sorts of stained glass. Because we are one of the country’s largest stained glass studios, no one understands this better than us. We’ve designed a number of stained glass items for a variety of reasons in our 20 years in business. Read on to learn more about some of our fantastic works.

Unique Stained Glass Applications

Family Crest Stained Glass:  Stained glass panels that are commonly installed on a household wall. They’re frequently adorned with a family coat of arms or crest symbol, surname, motto, or colors.

Stained Glass Lampshades: Tiffany Studios created some of the most well-known stained glass lampshades in history. Lampshade stained glass was once very popular and is coming back into style today. We construct stained glass lamp shades for homes and businesses in Fort Worth. They are generally used in dining areas and recreational areas in businesses but can also be made for elegant homes.

Stained Glass Decorative Panels: Stained glass decorative panels are extremely popular at the moment. They may be hung in windows or used as room dividers over counters and niches. The best thing about these panels is that they are frequently very artsy and can be custom designed specifically for your Fort Worth home’s décor.

Stained Glass Wedding Panels: A stained glass backdrop is a fantastic method to get the ideal shots for your wedding ceremony. Options include a free-standing panel or one hung behind where the bride and groom will make their vows. Stained glass reception signs are also popular, with many people choosing to turn them into family heirlooms after the wedding.

Stained Glass Cabinet Doors:  Glass doors look great on kitchen cabinets, but they allow clutter to be seen with ease. Stained glass cabinet doors are a wonderful alternative. They are adaptable, so you may personalize the look to match your kitchen décor and give as much or as little coverage as you like.

For more stained glass ideas, speak with our Fort Worth staff to schedule a free stained glass consultation.

How Long Does Stained Glass Last?

Stained glass is one of those long-lasting materials that can be passed down through several generations. Stained glass produced in the twentieth century will typically survive 80-100 years before the lead begins to break and jeopardize the window’s survival. However, as a stained glass owner, there are certain things you may do to keep your window functioning for as long as possible.

Caring for Your Fort Worth Home’s Stained Glass Windows

Consider your stained glass window to be a work of art. These priceless furnishings appreciate in worth as time goes on. The key to the longevity of your stained glass is proper care. Here are some ideas from us for how you may properly take care of your lovely and valuable stained glass windows.

Prolong the Life of Your Fort Worth Home’s Stained Glass With Regular Cleanings

Regular maintenance is the key to a long life and brilliant appearance of stained glass. Grime will build up on your stained glass, especially because this form of glass usually has a lot of texture. You may keep dirt from accumulating by lightly dusting your home’s stained glass once a month. Professionals should take care of the deep cleaning since special cleaning solutions are needed to clean the glass without too much pressure being applied.

Prolong the Life of Your Fort Worth Home’s Stained Glass with Regular Professional Cleanings

A professional cleaning is crucial for your stained glass. This is especially true if you’re a person who neglects to keep your windows clean on a regular basis. A professional will have the correct equipment and cleaners to properly clean your stained glass windows. They’ll also look at your glass carefully to see whether any issues have arisen over time.

Prolong the Life of Your Fort Worth Home’s Stained Glass by Having Small Damage Repaired Right Away

When the weather is bad in Fort Worth, stained glass windows may suffer significant damage. Although it’s possible that minor weather-related breaks, chips, and scratches might occur, stained glass is extremely robust and can withstand a lot of punishment. These little problems are simple to repair and do not involve a large investment of money to fix when caught early. If you wait to have the window repaired, its structure may be harmed. This could mean broken glass fragments fall out, which may equal very expensive structural repairs.

For more information on stained glass maintenance and repair in Fort Worth, contact us today!

Things to Consider Before Restoring Church Stained Glass

On 30, Aug 2021 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Stained Glass Repair And Restoration | By Martin Faith

Stained glass windows in old churches here in Fort Worth are likely antiques–especially in churches.  This also means they could need repairs or even full restoration.   In order to make an informed decision, it is important for the church leaders and congregation members to weigh the pros and cons of repairing stained glass windows.  Read on to learn more.

 Pros and Cons of Restoring Church Stained Glass

Pro: Antique Church Stained Glass Has Monetary Value

 When you consider the historic stained glass in your Fort Worth church, it may not seem like much. But depending on who made them and what materials they’re composed of, their worth could be quite high! Restoring these pieces would help to improve their value.  This is why in most cases we recommend restoring the windows before they are unsalvageable.

Pro: Antique Church Stained Glass Has Historical Value

Church stained glass windows from the early days of this city hold important historical value. Some are more historically valuable than others, but they all contribute to a greater story that is still being told today. Fort Worth Churches can preserve their history through preserving these pieces of beautiful art and by doing so will also be holding on to both local and church history for future generations. 

Pro: Antique Stained Glass Has Sentimental Value

Stained glass windows have been a fixture in many churches for decades. For members of the congregation, they can represent memories and stories about their church that simply cannot be replaced.  By preserving these stained glass pieces through restoration, it ensures that new generations here in Fort Worth will be able to create new memories and the old memories will stay intact too.

 Con: Church Stained Glass Restoration is Expensive

Stained glass restoration can become expensive. Large antique stained-glass windows may require the entire frame to be taken down and reconstructed, which is a costly process that many churches cannot afford. But there are ways for communities to raise funds through grants or other means including historical ones in order to help restore these precious relics. 

Con: Church Stained Glass Restoration can be Time-consuming

The amount of time a church restoration takes varies but if there are numerous windows and square feet of repairs it could be lengthy.  It often takes time at our studio to match colors or techniques from over 100 years ago. Be sure your congregation has this window repair project planned well ahead because once they’re removed for work, they might not be replaced for up to a year.

For more information on stained glass restoration for your Fort Worth church’s stained glass windows, contact us today for a free, onsite consultation.



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Stained Glass For Homes

By Martin Faith

Important Stained Glass Considerations for Fort Worth Homeowners

On 17, Aug 2021 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Stained Glass For Homes | By Martin Faith

Adding stained glass windows to your Fort Worth home comes with many advantages. Not only can you and your family enjoy a beautiful work of art that lasts a lifetime, but you’ll also get better privacy, security, and optimal light.

When choosing your stained glass, there are many important factors to consider. Among other things, you’ll want to think carefully about the colors, style, and location. Below, we’ve discussed these matters in detail. Read more…

Restoring the Famous Stained Glass Windows in the Vernon A.M.E. Church in Tulsa

The belief that stained glass windows are fragile is a common misconception. In reality, stained glass windows are quite sturdy. Not only are they held together by durable materials like cement and lead caming, but there’s a tremendous amount of thought and consideration that goes into their design. There are stained glass windows that still exist today which were built hundreds of years ago.

Nevertheless, restoration is an inevitable part of every stained glass window’s life cycle. Which tedious, this process is remarkably effective for renewing windows which are old or deteriorating. At Fort Worth Stained Glass, we have spent years perfecting this process and are proud to say that it’s an area we excel in. We have helped many stained glass owners restore and preserve their beloved artwork over the years.

Just recently, we had the opportunity to work on a particularly unique stained glass restoration project for a church in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Vernon A.M.E. Church, famous for its role in protecting community residents during the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, asked us to repair their beloved stained glass. Below, we’ve discussed the project in detail. Read more…



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Stained Glass Projects

By Martin Faith

Portfolio Update: Recreating a Beloved Stained Glass Window for Sam Houston State University

On 04, May 2021 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Stained Glass Projects | By Martin Faith

Our company, Fort Worth Stained Glass, is part of the Scottish Stained Glass family.  The group of companies has been a part of some pretty amazing historical stained glass restorations. One such project was  Sam Houston State University.  It is a fine example of why we love what we do–we get to breathe new life into structures like churches, synagogues, historic homes, and universities around the country.  A recent project at Sam Houston State University was one of our finest and most exciting works to date.

Replicating Sam Houston State’s Historic Stained Glass Windows

Sam Houston State University has been in Texas longer than most schools since it was founded in 1879. The architecture of the original campus buildings was dotted with lovely arched buildings–one of which had a crowning piece of stained glass. This window was iconic to the school and something they were very proud of.  However, in 1982 the window was completely destroyed by a fire.  In a recent decision, SHSU commissioned our group of stained glass companies to commemorate their school motto “The measure of a Life is its Service” by replicating the original stained glass window.  We could not be happier that they entrusted us with this task!

The First Challenge of Restoring Sam Houston State University’s Lost Stained Glass

Since there was nothing but a yearbook photo from 1962 to guide us, this job came with some unique challenges.  But certainly nothing we could not handle with our extensive experience and stained glass industry ties. You see, we always want to pay respect to the original stained glass art and make it as historically accurate as possible.   Meaning we had techniques already in place to work around having very little historical context or guidance for the job.

Modern Technology for Restoring Stained Glass

We always work using a mix of ancient stained glass techniques and modern technology.  So we started this recreation by scanning the old picture into the computer.  This allowed us to print out a full-sized version and carefully trace the lines. We then rescanned the drawing into our CAD program and doubled the stained glass window’s size at the request of the university.  While the process was painstaking it was also well worth the time and paid off in accuracy. 

Restoring Sam Houston State University’s Lost Stained Glass

Sourcing materials was an issue we knew we would have since most of the time we are working on historical pieces made with materials that no longer exist.  After all, this window was made over a century ago.  In cases like this, finding proper color matches is the challenge.  But we have a network of conservation specialists and used them to help us find colors that were very close to the originals.  To us, close is not enough so our plan to get the old colors matched exactly was to employ our incredibly talented painted stained glass artists.  Using their skill and knowledge they painted over the “close” hues to make them exact matches.

The Results of the Recreated Commemorative Stained Glass Window

The recreation of the stained glass window at SHSU took almost a full year.  In some spots around faces and clothing, there were ten layers of color to get the shading just right!  A mix of art and science this lovely commemorative window ended up with about 3,000- 4,000 pieces.  The reactions from the university staff, students, and board were of amazement and gratitude. This made us so happy since we take such great pride in our stained glass restoration, repair, and recreation projects.  We believe these treasures of old deserve preserving it for generations to come.

If you are looking to have a historic stained glass window restored or rebuilt we would love to speak to you about it!  Contact us Fort Worth Stained Glass today for a free consultation.