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3 Breathtaking Hotels with Stained Glass in Texas

On 30, May 2022 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Commercial Stained Glass, Stained Glass | By Martin Faith

From adding color to hotel lobbies to creating a vibrant story throughout the visage, stained glass can dramatically affect any space. Below, we’ve shared some exciting examples of hotel stained glass in Texas Read more…



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In Aggrigate
Stained Glass

By Martin Faith

Unique Stained Glass Applications

On 04, Apr 2022 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Stained Glass | By Martin Faith

When you hear the term “stained glass,” the first thing that comes to mind is most likely a church window. However, there are several different sorts of stained glass. Because we are one of the country’s largest stained glass studios, no one understands this better than us. We’ve designed a number of stained glass items for a variety of reasons in our 20 years in business. Read on to learn more about some of our fantastic works.

Unique Stained Glass Applications

Family Crest Stained Glass:  Stained glass panels that are commonly installed on a household wall. They’re frequently adorned with a family coat of arms or crest symbol, surname, motto, or colors.

Stained Glass Lampshades: Tiffany Studios created some of the most well-known stained glass lampshades in history. Lampshade stained glass was once very popular and is coming back into style today. We construct stained glass lamp shades for homes and businesses in Fort Worth. They are generally used in dining areas and recreational areas in businesses but can also be made for elegant homes.

Stained Glass Decorative Panels: Stained glass decorative panels are extremely popular at the moment. They may be hung in windows or used as room dividers over counters and niches. The best thing about these panels is that they are frequently very artsy and can be custom designed specifically for your Fort Worth home’s décor.

Stained Glass Wedding Panels: A stained glass backdrop is a fantastic method to get the ideal shots for your wedding ceremony. Options include a free-standing panel or one hung behind where the bride and groom will make their vows. Stained glass reception signs are also popular, with many people choosing to turn them into family heirlooms after the wedding.

Stained Glass Cabinet Doors:  Glass doors look great on kitchen cabinets, but they allow clutter to be seen with ease. Stained glass cabinet doors are a wonderful alternative. They are adaptable, so you may personalize the look to match your kitchen décor and give as much or as little coverage as you like.

For more stained glass ideas, speak with our Fort Worth staff to schedule a free stained glass consultation.

How Long Does Stained Glass Last?

Stained glass is one of those long-lasting materials that can be passed down through several generations. Stained glass produced in the twentieth century will typically survive 80-100 years before the lead begins to break and jeopardize the window’s survival. However, as a stained glass owner, there are certain things you may do to keep your window functioning for as long as possible.

Caring for Your Fort Worth Home’s Stained Glass Windows

Consider your stained glass window to be a work of art. These priceless furnishings appreciate in worth as time goes on. The key to the longevity of your stained glass is proper care. Here are some ideas from us for how you may properly take care of your lovely and valuable stained glass windows.

Prolong the Life of Your Fort Worth Home’s Stained Glass With Regular Cleanings

Regular maintenance is the key to a long life and brilliant appearance of stained glass. Grime will build up on your stained glass, especially because this form of glass usually has a lot of texture. You may keep dirt from accumulating by lightly dusting your home’s stained glass once a month. Professionals should take care of the deep cleaning since special cleaning solutions are needed to clean the glass without too much pressure being applied.

Prolong the Life of Your Fort Worth Home’s Stained Glass with Regular Professional Cleanings

A professional cleaning is crucial for your stained glass. This is especially true if you’re a person who neglects to keep your windows clean on a regular basis. A professional will have the correct equipment and cleaners to properly clean your stained glass windows. They’ll also look at your glass carefully to see whether any issues have arisen over time.

Prolong the Life of Your Fort Worth Home’s Stained Glass by Having Small Damage Repaired Right Away

When the weather is bad in Fort Worth, stained glass windows may suffer significant damage. Although it’s possible that minor weather-related breaks, chips, and scratches might occur, stained glass is extremely robust and can withstand a lot of punishment. These little problems are simple to repair and do not involve a large investment of money to fix when caught early. If you wait to have the window repaired, its structure may be harmed. This could mean broken glass fragments fall out, which may equal very expensive structural repairs.

For more information on stained glass maintenance and repair in Fort Worth, contact us today!



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Stained Glass

By Martin Faith

Stylish Ways to Add Stained Glass to Your Custom Home

On 11, Dec 2019 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Stained Glass | By Martin Faith

When it comes to stained glass–nearly everybody’s minds go to church. And of course, they do–stained glass is a somewhat ubiquitous feature on churches and chapels around the world. However, stained glass is something that goes well in many locations you may not have even imagined like restaurants, retail stores and, as outlined in this blog–custom homes irght here in Fort Worth. That’s right, stained glass is a fantastic way to take home from plain to 100% your personality. You can use stained glass in any room and have nearly endless colors and styles to choose from! Read below about a couple of ways to add stained glass to your Denver custom home that really makes an impact and expresses your personal style at the same time.

1. Stained Glass Panels: Stained glass panels used to be something that customers came to us in order to get a personalized gift or sometimes a family crest. While this is a great application for stained glass–a stained glass panel can be so much more. Durable and able to be hung anywhere in your Denver custom home, you can get a modern stained glass panel to sit on an entire wall of your home–just look at the amazing entryway panel below!


2. Modern Stained Glass Designs: Stained glass has some fairly old and traditional roots. However, the designers of stained glass today are changing all that and really bringing some exciting things to the table. From Prairie Style throwback pieces that look as modern today as they did 80 years ago to totally new mixed material pieces–a stained glass renaissance is upon us! This means you are able to totally customize a stained glass accent window on your home to take it from cookie-cutter to custom!

3. Stained Glass Lighting: While stained glass lamp shades and lighting fixtures may seem a little outdated–the truth is, when done right they are truly ageless. Take for instance the Tiffany stained glass lampshade that recently sold at auction for 3 million dollars. This lampshade was over 80 years old and as relevant today as it was when it was created so long ago. Therefore, when considering custom lighting, don’t discount the power of an ageless art form used to make your Denver home truly custom.

For more information on custom stained glass creation in Denver be sure to reach out to us a Scottish Stained Glass in Denver today!



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By Martin Faith

What Do The Stained Glass Windows On Your Fort Worth Church Signify?

On 27, Feb 2019 | No Comments | In Stained Glass | By Martin Faith

Stained Glass And Its Symbolic Meanings

Here in Fort Worth, as you likely know, is full of absolutely lovely stained glass. All around our lovely city, churches, and chapels large and small, have some of the most outstanding stained glass to grace the house of God. But, what many people don’t understand about stained glass here in Fort Worth and around the world is– the stained glass designs and even colors have extremely deep meaning. In fact, almost all stained glass in churches is symbolic of other deeper concepts. And in fact, besides being lovely, stained glass has meaning too. If you want to know what the stained glass in your Fort Worth church represents read below to find out more.

Why Symbols And Colors Were Used On Stained Glass

In churches here in Fort Worth, and around the world for that matter, are full of symbols on wood carvings, on tapestries and stained glass. While stained glass windows were made to be gorgeous, they also were used as an education tool. You see, since poor people in the very distant past, were unable to read, the church, by using pictures, symbols, and colors, were able to educate the commoners by using stained glass as a picture book. In fact, stained glass windows were called “ The Bible of the Poor” since they were so heavily involved in instructing illiterate peasants. However, even after reading became commonplace, these symbols, and colors, already established in their meaning, continued to be used as choices to convey a spiritual message.

Common Stained Glass Symbols And Colors And Their Meaning

Jesus:  Lifelike images, crosses, lambs, shepherds

The Holy Spirit: flames, winds, a white dove

The Saints: a man or woman; symbols associated with them, the manner in which they were martyred him or her

Virgin Mary: A female figure often wearing blue, the color blue


Stained Glass Color Symbolism

Black: Death
Blue: Heavenly Love, Virgin
Brown: Death
Grey: Mourning, Humility
Green: Spring, Charity, Life over death
Purple: Royalty God The Father
Red: Love, Hate, Martyred
Violet: Love, Truth, Passion, Suffering
White/Gold: Innocence, Holiness
Yellow: Jealousy, Treason, Deceit

If your Fort Worth church has stained glass that you would like to restore, repair and ultimately preserve for the next generation, contact us at Fort Worth Stained Glass today!





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By Martin Faith

Tips & Ideas for Incorporating Stained Glass in Your Fort Worth Kitchen

On 19, Mar 2018 | No Comments | In Stained Glass | By Martin Faith

Spring is here! Now is the time of year to tackle that long list of home improvement projects. If you’re thinking about redecorating or remodeling your kitchen, one addition you should definitely consider is stained glass. In Fort Worth, kitchen stained glass is all the rage right now. Not only does stained glass make a stunning addition to a kitchen, but it also adds utility and privacy too!
Read more…

Our 5 Favorite Places to Install Stained Glass in Your Fort Worth Home That You Wouldn’t Expect

According to the Dallas Business Journal, Fort Worth is forecasted to be the second largest housing market in the US in 2018. For Worth residents agree that it’s a great time to add some equity to their home, increase curb appeal, and take advantage of the current state of Fort Worth’s real estate market. Are you looking for some small, unique home renovations that are a great ROI? Have you considered installing stained glass but aren’t sure of placement? Here are our five favorite places to install stained glass in any Fort Worth home; we hope these unique ideas will inspire you!
Read more…

Greene & Greene Stained Glass Doors for Your Fort Worth Entryway

During the Arts and Crafts movement, Charles Sumner Greene and and Henry Mather Greene, also known as Greene and Greene, were influential architects. Greene and Greene are well known for their houses and larger scale ultimate bungalows, which really defined the Arts and Crafts style. One of their more popularly designed successes was the “Tree of Life” stained glass door they created in one of their constructed California homes. Fort Worth is well known for having beautiful bungalow and craftsman style homes, making the Greene and Greene stained glass doors a perfect addition to your Fort Worth entryway.
Read more…



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In Stained Glass

By Martin Faith

Custom Stained Glass As The Perfect Unique Wedding Gift!

On 17, May 2017 | No Comments | In Stained Glass | By Martin Faith

Stained Glass For Spring Weddings In Fort Worth

The days are long and filled with the smell of flowers blooming. The birds have returned from their winter journey and you in Texas you can just feel the renewal that spring brings with it. For those with family and friends planning to get married this spring or summer, you can just feel the love in the air. That is because this is the season of love and as such the season of weddings. Read more…



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By Martin Faith

Beautiful residential stained glass

On 15, Feb 2016 | No Comments | In Stained Glass | By Martin Faith

Are you looking to add the most beautiful and highest quality hand crafted stained glass to your Fort Worth home? If so, we would love to tell you about our custom design process. With our custom designed residential stained glass, Fort Worth TX homeowners can have the styles and designs that they have always wanted. The styles and designs that complement their homes’ architecture and period. The styles and designs that suit their personal tastes.

Read more…