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Beautiful Stained Glass Windows

Fort Worth Stained Glass—Enhancing the Look of Texas Kitchens, Window by Window

On 19, May 2014 | No Comments | In Beautiful Stained Glass Windows, Company News | By fwsgadmin

Remodeling a kitchen to give it a unique style that’s all your own can be challenging. After all, marble countertops are marble countertops. Stainless steel appliances all look pretty much the same. If you are looking to add a truly unique touch to your kitchen, you might go the art route, meaning adding art to your walls. But another way to get a wholly distinctive kitchen, one done exactly to your tastes, is with stained glass.

We’re not just talking about windows, either. Stained glass makes a phenomenal impression in your kitchen cabinet doors, your pantry doors, even your sliding patio doors!

What sort of windows do you have in your kitchen? If you have none, you can still add stained glass in other ways. But if you do have windows, whether large or small, you might never have considered stained glass art because you don’t want to block the view. But the expert designers at Fort Worth Stained Glass make it easy when it comes to designing windows that work for your tastes and your needs. For instance, you could have custom stained glass kitchen windows in the style of popular architect Frank Lloyd Wright, which consist of mostly clear glass with bits of jewel or earth toned glass mixed in in simple patterns.

Forth Worth Kitchen Stained Glass

Or, you might have privacy issues with your kitchen windows, or don’t like the view, so you have it covered with a curtain. Stained glass using frosted or textured glass will solve both of those problems, no curtains necessary, and still let the glorious Texas sun shine through.

Our designers can come out to your home, sit down with you, and design a custom stained glass window during your design consultation. Throughout our two plus decades of creating stained glass, we have heard over and over from our customers how exciting they find this collaborative design process. Second best only to the thrill of seeing their new kitchen window stained glass installed and gleaming!

We’ll show you so many different styles, patterns, and color choices during the consultation, and help you determine which is the most complementary to your kitchen décor. If you are renovating the entire kitchen, your stained glass design might just be the focal point around which you choose everything else. And once your new kitchen stained glass is installed, your kitchen might just be the focal point of your entire house . . . if it isn’t already. We do love to hang out in the kitchen, don’t we? Especially if it’s filled with beautiful art in the form of stained glass windows.

By now, we bet you’re itching to see our different available patterns and get into the design process. By the way, you certainly don’t have to use any of the patterns we’ve already created. If you have an idea for something brand new, we’d love to create it for you. Why not give us a call and get the design process going today?