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Beautiful Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass installation experts

On 20, Oct 2015 | No Comments | In Beautiful Stained Glass Windows, Company News | By fwsgadmin

When it comes to stained glass installation, Fort Worth clients don’t think about it that much. But we do. Here at Fort Worth Stained Glass, we not only customize each and every design for the windows we build, we also customize the installation method to the client’s needs and the location of the window within the house.

Over the past two decades, we have developed our own installation methods. The main one we use involves bonding the new stained glass window to the existing pane of glass in the window. This has a variety of benefits for the client. With this type of stained glass installation, Fort Worth homeowners can rest assured that their piece will last for many generations to come. Once we bond the stained glass to the plain glass, it will be protected from the elements. It will be protected from a falling branch, flying rock, or errant softball that might come hurling at it.

When we’ve anchored the stained glass in place, we caulk around the edges (in a color that matches your window frame) to avoid any dirt, debris, insects, etc. getting between the two glass panels. And then, we leave you to enjoy your gorgeous new stained glass windows.

Fort Worth Stained Leaded Glass Design

With our second type of stained glass installation, Fort Worth homeowners have the answer to the question, “Could I put stained glass in a moist environment like my bathroom?” The answer is yes! Although glass is not adversely affected by continual moisture, the lead strips that hold the stained glass panel together will be over time. To avoid this problem, we add another clear pane of glass to the interior, effectively creating a stained glass sandwich with the stained glass as the meat, and the two panes of clear glass as the bread surrounding (and protecting) it.

With our third type of stained glass installation, Fort Worth homeowners can have a stained glass panel hung from chains, either in front of a window or right on a wall. You can have the stained glass backlit or add a small art light on top of it to really show it off. With this type of installation, it’s easy to take your stained glass panel with you when you move. It’s also fantastic for showing off a piece of antique stained glass that isn’t the right size to fit any of your windows.

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For more information about stained glass installation, Fort Worth or any of the outlying towns and suburbs, please contact us at Fort Worth Stained Glass today. We’re eager to put our expertise and creativity and passion for stained glass to work for you.