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Beautiful Examples of Stained Glass to Visit In Europe

On 26, Dec 2019 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Custom Stained Glass | By fwsgadmin

Art lovers and stained glass lovers alike can appreciate beautiful stained glass features around the world. Stained glass has served as a medium for centuries, enabling gorgeous historical pieces that can be found in any area of the globe. For art buffs and travelers, there are some significant stained glass pieces housed in Europe that should be added to your bucket list. These stained glass features range from historical churches to contemporary visions of the present. Here are some incredible examples of stained glass to visit in Europe.

Inspiration European Stained Glass

  • Stained Glass of Chartres Cathedral: As one of the most notable French Gothic cathedrals in Chartres, France, the Chartres Cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The stained glass windows date back to the 13th century with 152 original pieces out of the total 176. The colorful stained glass creates a visually rich experience for any visitor.
  • Stained Glass Windows of the Blue Mosque: Located in Istanbul, Turkey, the Blue Mosque has over 200  stained glass windows ranging in numerous blue tones that complement the blue architectural elements found throughout the property.
  • The Baptistry at Coventry Cathedral: This modernist masterpiece that’s located in Coventry, United Kingdom features 195 panels that were designed by John Piper.
  • Netherland Institute for Sound and Vision: This contemporary stained glass project housed in Hilversum, Netherlands shows different iconic moments in Dutch television.

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