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Custom Stained Glass

How Fort Worth is Incorporating Stained Glass into Modern Architecture

On 09, Mar 2018 | No Comments | In Custom Stained Glass | By fwsgadmin

Fort Worth has been leading the modern stained glass front by incorporating contemporary, innovative pieces into their homes and commercial buildings. Stained glass is often noted as a traditional art form heavily used in churches and historical buildings. With powerful imagery and interesting symbolism, stained glass is reminiscent of different art movements. Today, stained glass artisans are transforming this medium by utilizing it in very modern spaces. Modern stained glass offers a completely different aesthetic and appeal– showcasing stained glass’ versatility.

Beautiful Ways to Use Colorful Stained Glass in Commercial Buildings

Fort Worth commercial buildings have been showcasing beautiful contemporary stained glass, making their architecture ultra-modern. Colorful stained glass paired with a lighting element offers so many visually wonderful opportunities. The colorful prisms produced by stained glass and light can completely transform any space. Both artificial and natural lighting elements work beautifully with colorful stained glass. Architects have been even incorporating stained glass to commercial building exterior’s– building facades, patio and balconies, and as outdoor art pieces. Colorful stained glass can make an unique statement in virtually any industry, from restaurants and bars to high-rise office buildings. The pops of color really brighten up the space, allowing creativity and art to exist freely.

Stained Glass Provides Unique Decor Elements in Modern Homes

Fort Worth modern homes have a lot to benefit from stained glass elements. Stained glass can be installed in so many interesting parts of your home– cabinetry, home bar, office, dens, basement window wells, kitchens, bathrooms, and more. Stained glass can double as a privacy solution offering your Fort Worth home both beauty and seclusion. Colorful and clear stained glass is available, with endless design options, we can help you custom create the perfect piece for your home.

For more information regarding modern stained glass application in your Fort Worth business or home, please give us a call: (817) 717-5589