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Understanding the Investment of Stained Glass Repair

On 10, Feb 2020 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Stained Glass Benefits | By fwsgadmin

When considering the restoration of the stained glass in your Fort Worth’s church, there are a couple of different aspects to explore.  For this type of stained glass that usually has sentimental value and sometimes has monetary value–the benefits of stained glass need to outweigh any drawbacks.  This will help you better decide if church stained glass really is worth it.

Benefits And Drawbacks of Restoring Stained Glass

Drawback 1:  The Time Investment of Church Stained Glass Restoration

Depending on the size or your windows and scope of repair needed the stained glass windows of your church may be removed anywhere from several weeks to a few months.  

Benefit 1: The Length of Time Restoration Will Last

One of the main reasons churches get their stained glass restored is to preserve a piece of church history for future generations.  A church stained glass restoration, when restored by a true professional, will last at least 100 years. Here at Fort Worth Stained Glass, we know ours will last 200, since the leading additives we use are stronger and more flexible than ever before. 

Drawback 2:  The Money Needed To Invest in Stained Glass Restoration

The fact of the matter is–stained glass restoration can be a sizable expense for churches to undertake.  For larger windows especially. The removal of stained glass to take to the studio for restoration requires a lot of manpower and usually special machinery. This drives up cost.  Also, a quality stained glass studio will also employ extremely talented artists, whose work is worth every penny of their premium rate. 

Benefit 2:  Stained Glass on Churches Has A lot of Value

The value of a stained glass window can sometimes double or triple after restoration.  While added monetary value is a great thing, for churches there is deeper value. Stained glass windows in churches have witnessed a lifetime of events, meaning they have deep value to congregations as a whole.  Therefore the sentimental value exists. Furthermore, if you stained glass windows are antique–they hold historical value as well!

There are just some of the benefits that make it well worth it to have your Fort Worth stained glass restored.  If budget is an issue, you should know that we can help with ideas for finding or raising the funds for your church’s stained glass via grant and/or fundraisers.  Contact us Fort Worth Stained Glass today to speak with us about your church stained glass and to schedule an on-site estimate.