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FLW Inspired Prairie Style Stained Glass for Fort Worth Homes

On 05, Jul 2018 | No Comments | In Stained Glass Design & Styles | By fwsgadmin

Frank Lloyd Wright is well-known for his architectural ingeniousness, but many might not be aware of the innovative window designs he used in his modernist domestic designs. Particularly, Wright used stained glass windows with earth tones and geometric patterns, known as prairie style stained glass. In Fort Worth, Frank Lloyd Wright inspired stained glass perfectly complements Fort Worth residences with elements of the Western and Midwestern modernism that Wright’s designs were renowned for.

Add Modern Elegance to Residences with Prairie Style Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Stained Glass in Fort Worth

Fort Worth is said to be the City of Cowboys and Culture. Here, the city celebrates its Western roots with uniquely Western architecture. Frank Lloyd wright inspired stained glass gives Fort Worth homes a Western modernist appeal, achieved by prairie style stained glass inspired by Fort Worth’s earthy, open landscape.

prairie style stained glass

How Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Prairie Style Stained Glass is Used in Fort Worth Homes

Wright’s prairie style stained glass comes from his trademark prairie designs. When he wasn’t designing skyscrapers or famous buildings, Wright built domestic residences in the prairie style, mirroring the flat, sprawling, and open nature of the Great Plains, with windows that let in natural light and attempted to recreate the open spaces created by Japanese screen walls. Frank Lloyd Wright inspired prairie style stained glass infuses Fort Worth homes with the same sense of openness he achieved in his prairie style structures.

Let Fort Worth Stained Glass Take Care of Your Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Prairie Stained Glass Installation in Fort Worth

As stained glass artisans, we take great care and pride in recreating high-quality Frank Lloyd Wright inspired prairie stained glass designs in our Fort Worth customers’ homes. Call us today to learn more!