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Stained Glass Design & Styles

Prairie Style Stained Glass For Your Fort Worth Home

On 07, Feb 2018 | No Comments | In Stained Glass Design & Styles | By fwsgadmin

Prairie style stained glass has been popular for decades. It’s geometric shapes and warm earth colors draw the eye in. It’s no wonder that prairie style stained glass is popular in many Fort Worth neighborhoods, including Fairmount, Mira Vista, and the Southside. Many homes in downtown neighborhoods of Fort Worth also feature prairie glass.

Why Prairie Style Stained Glass?

Prairie stained glass is elegant and distinct in appearance; there’s truly nothing like it. It’s a common addition to bungalows and cottage style homes, but also has grown in popularity for craftsman homes recently too. Prairie style stained glass was originally created by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright. Frank Lloyd Wright was a master of many things, but is best known for his original line of prairie style houses.

Many Frank Lloyd Wright homes are now considered historic landmarks. But still many artists and architects continue to be influenced by his techniques. His style of stained glass windows have a unique ability to filter light, directing light so it highlights certain architectural features. Prairie style stained glass can add value to your home and also create privacy.

prairie style stained glass fort worth

Where to Add Prairie Style Stained Glass to Your Fort Worth Home

Prairie style stained glass can make a beautiful addition to any area of your home. However, by far the most common places people tend to place it are:

  • Entryway windows
  • Transoms & sidelights
  • Bathroom windows
  • Kitchen windows & cabinet doors
  • Light fixtures
  • fort worth stained glass

    Schedule a Design Consultation

    One of our designers can help you find the right place to put your prairie stained glass and help you come up with a beautiful design. We’ll work closely with you to select colors, textures, and the overall pattern. Call us today to schedule a design consultation or receive an estimate on prairie style stained glass in Fort Worth.