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Stained Glass Restoration As It Relates To Your Aging Church Stained Glass

On 31, Jan 2019 | No Comments | In Aggrigate, Stained Glass Repair And Restoration | By fwsgadmin

Why Most Church Stained Glass Today Needs Repairs

The world’s stained glass is aging and as it reaches the 100-year mark it is in rapid decline. This is why stained glass window restoration is a popular and necessary task for churches in the Fort Worth area to undertake. If there is any hope of preserving these stunning pieces of history for the next generation–it simply must be done and all of Texas will be better for it as these are rich parts of our state’s history.

How Do I Know What Restoration My Churches Stained Glass Needs?

The best way to understand what type of repairs and restoration your church’s stained glass requires is to reach out to a professional, like us at Fort Worth Stained Glass for an inspection of your chapel ’s windows. After our inspections, we will be able to tell you things


  • Which parts of the frames need replacing
  • Which glass pieces of glass need to repairs
  • Which glass pieces need to be replaced
  • Details about your protective glazing system (if applicable)
  • A specific time frame for repairs
  • Pricing on your church’s stained glass restoration


The Evaluation And Bid

After we examine your church we will use that information to formulate a bid complete with details about the time and cost for items like replacement glass, fixing braces, cleaning the stained glass in place and/or removing glass for repair at our Fort Worth studio. This is great for church bodies because it gives you an accurate idea of the size, scope, and timeline of your project and helps you with any committee process or decision you may have.

What Happens At Our Stained Glass Studio

If we need to take glass into our Fort Worth studio, we will delicately remove the windows from their framing, then carefully package them for transport to our studio for restoration. Here the panels are disassembled, caming is removed, lead is recycled and every glass piece is skillfully cleaned and repaired. Once back together, the glass is returned to your church and painstakingly installed back into position–looking as lovely as did 100 years ago!

If restoring your church’s stained glass is something you are interested in, please reach out to us at Fort Worth Stained Glass today! We have stained glass locations across the US and would be happy to bid on your upcoming project.