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Stained Glass

Our 5 Favorite Places to Install Stained Glass in Your Fort Worth Home That You Wouldn’t Expect

According to the Dallas Business Journal, Fort Worth is forecasted to be the second largest housing market in the US in 2018. For Worth residents agree that it’s a great time to add some equity to their home, increase curb appeal, and take advantage of the current state of Fort Worth’s real estate market. Are you looking for some small, unique home renovations that are a great ROI? Have you considered installing stained glass but aren’t sure of placement? Here are our five favorite places to install stained glass in any Fort Worth home; we hope these unique ideas will inspire you!

1. Leaded Glass Entryways

Leaded glass, clear stained glass, are the perfect addition to any Fort Worth entryway. This elegant privacy solution obscures views from outside your home while still allowing in that beautiful Texas sunshine, really give your home that grand entryway effect. Stained glass entryways are also great for curb appeal.

2. Stained Glass Hallway Windows

Hallway windows are often an overlooked, potential design element. Many hallway windows need a privacy solution without the tacky look of drapes or blinds. Stained glass is a great privacy option that lets in an abundance of light, usually much needed for cramped hallways.

3. Leaded Glass Interior Transoms

Interior transoms are usually located in older homes, and are more often than not a really outdated feature. Installing stained glass in interior transoms can really elevate your interior style to a more modern, contemporary look. Plus, if you have interior transoms over bathroom or office doors, they can offer a more tasteful privacy solution.

4. Stained Glass Basement Window Wells

Basement window wells are definitely overlooked in Fort Worth homes. Stained glass window wells often mask the unsightly look of the underground well or ground view. Stained glass can also offer light control and privacy, depending on your basement needs.

5. Privacy Stained Glass Bathroom Windows

It’s imperative to have privacy glass in your bathroom, making stained glass the elegant design solution that really elevates your bathroom to an oasis.

Call today to learn more about how stained glass is the perfect addition for your Fort Worth home: (817) 717-5589